Airport Transfers

Coach and Taxi Transfers. Private or Shared - The choice is yours!

What are my choices?

Shared Coach Transfer

Exactly as it says. This is always the budget choice for those savvy savers over the fastest route to or from the airport. This is usually on a full sized coach with 7-10 or more drop off's (depending on capacity) and can incur a wait at the airport for other passengers to board. This is the most economical way to get to/from your accommodation both from a price saving and environmental factor.
Speedy Shuttle

This is usually the 'in-between' price of a coach and taxi option. The speedy shuttle's are usually operated by small minibuses that accommodate around 10-20 passengers and have a limited amount of stops (usually 3-5) which is half of the equivalent of the standard coach transfers. This option is ideal for those who don't want to spend too much but need a faster transfer.

Private Transfer

This is the most preferred option by travellers who value speed and have a bigger budget. Private transfers are exactly that. They are for sole use of your group and depending on how many passengers are on the booking you could have a small car or a minivan. No waiting, no hassle and you'll be unpacked and enjoying the sun before those who are on the coaches.